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Culture 文化

Many people in NZ know something about Japanese culture. Some non-Japanese people even know more about Japan than some Japanese. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a 『Japan Boom』- that is, many people are interested in various aspects of, both Japanese traditional culture and Japanese popular culture. Here, I would like to introduce, both people, groups and companies that teach Japanese culture in NZ:


Martial Arts 武道

Martial Arts 武道Japanese martial arts including "Kendo", "Karate do", "Judo", "Aikido", "Kyudo" have been developed by Japanese traditional way of battle to kill and control opponents. it was used to kill people, and then gradually it has changed its purpose.


Architecture 建築

建築I believe that many people don't know what a "TATAMI" is, do you? Tatami is a type of flooring used in a Japanese style house.
Shoji is one of the popular parts in a Japanese house which is used mainly for window framing. It has been used since the Heian Era. It is made of wooden frame with Japanese paper and partitions inside and outside.


Japanese Special Skill 日本人サービス

建築In New Zealand, there are so many Japanese people with special skills. If you wish to contact them directly and ask something, you can request assistance from this corner. Of course Japanese people who live in NZ and also live in Japan may reply to you. If you are going to Japan for exchange study, you will be able to find much information here.

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