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Aikido & Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu Seminar
  • 2013-03-18 03:30:34
  • Filip Maric
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Jikishin Dojo Auckland is hosting another international Aikido & Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu Seminar with Philippe Orban Sensei, 6th Dan, from France/Germany. Beginners and advanced people from all styles welcome!

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Kenji Azuma came up with the idea for the Not Alone t-shirt after witnessing the tsunami demolish entire villages in Japan on live TV, and feeling the need to do something to help his fellow countrymen and women. However, after many years of residing in New Zealand, he also wanted to show his support for Christchurch in light of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck Canterbury on 22 February 2011.
"With this t-shirt, I want people to remember the events which claimed the lives of so many Kiwis and Japanese. 50% of proceeds from each t-shirt goes to the Christchurch Earthquake fund and the other 50% goes to the Japan Earthquake fund."
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